May 28, 2024

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Entourage Trossard unhappy with Brighton coach’s remarks and behavior: “Leandro was razed to the ground in the group”

Entourage Trossard unhappy with Brighton coach’s remarks and behavior: “Leandro was razed to the ground in the group”

The Italian Brighton & Hove Albion coach said last week that he believes Trossard has not been in good shape since returning from the World Cup. “Troussard is a good player, but I want to see him 100 per cent, that hasn’t been the case since the World Cup,” De Zerby said last week.

Before the league match against Everton on 3 January, Trossard had already moved to the bench. Brighton won 1-4, and Trossard was not allowed to participate. And last weekend there was the FA Cup match against Middlesbrough, in which Trossard was not even involved in picking the match. Now that is not the case again in the league match against Liverpool.

Zerbi is upset about the situation

“Leandro is not on the list of players for tomorrow’s game,” De Zerbi said in his press conference. “He knows very well what I think. In the last training session before the cup match against Middlesbrough, he left the field without saying anything when he realized he wasn’t going to play. And that’s not good.”

Roberto Diserby. © Reuters

De Zerbi continued: “I spoke to him on Monday and said I did not like his style and behaviour.” “He knows very well that he has to work hard if he wants to play for Brighton. We are not a big club like Real Madrid or Barcelona. We are Brighton and we need players who work equally hard for each other.”

The chances of Trossard leaving Brighton & Hove Albion next summer are increasing. His contract is about to expire and he has already rejected several extension proposals. “I don’t know what the problem is,” de Zerby concluded Trossard’s class in his press conference. “I don’t know if he wants to leave or not. And that’s not my problem.”

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Entourage replies: “He stopped training because of a sore calf.”

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Trossard’s entourage is bored with the situation and wants an explanation. “Before Leandro left for Qatar, Brighton’s intention was to re-sign him,” explains mediator Josy Comhair. It did not happen because the parties did not reach an agreement. Leandro also indicated that he is ready for his next step.

“After the World Cup, there was an argument with Leandro and another player in training over a trifle. Since then, the coach no longer speaks to Leandro, ”continues Kumher. According to the Red Devil’s entourage, Trossard left training because he had no chance to play against Middlesbrough. In the run-up to the match against Middlesbrough, he had already indicated twice that he had calf problems. This was the reason he stopped training. This was in consultation with the medical staff.”

Brought to Earth in a group

Zerbi wanted nothing more than Trossard and went further. “The physical coach told Leandro he had to train separately. Last Monday, the coach floored Leandro in a group and the coach indicated he no longer wanted to see him. A coach who had not communicated directly with his player for four weeks is really incomprehensible.

This doesn’t seem to work anymore. Exiting the Trossard now seemed the only solution. “The coach himself has already pointed this out,” concludes Kumher, who is urging the English club to come forward with a transfer this month. “It is important that Brighton really cooperate with this Mercato on a potential transfer and be benevolent, which is beneficial for both parties.”

Josie Comher (right), Leandro Trossard’s broker for many years. © BELGA