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Entrepreneur |  Technology and craftsmanship are combined in...

Entrepreneur | Technology and craftsmanship are combined in…

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Work crew

Flamco Groep is part of Aalberts NV and specializes in technical products and systems for heating, cooling and solar installations. The so-called flexible vents and flexible consoles are manufactured by KonnecteD employees.

Anouk van Bossel

September 21, 2021

Manufacturing engineer Raymond van Merveld is delighted with this collaboration. “People’s enthusiasm is great,” he says. “They are proud to be a part of the process and are true ambassadors for our company.” In addition to a full line of permanent employees at KonnecteD, the Flamco Group’s products are also made by candidates from the Action Learning Path technology. This way they learn professional skills and through the guidance of KonnecteD hands-on trainers, Flamco can consistently assume that the quality of their products is guaranteed. So it’s a win-win situation.

Spread the risk

Van Meerveld deals with. 1 year ago now Connect D. “We’ve been working with job training companies for a long time,” he says. “During the Corona period, we have noticed that it is good to work with different sites to spread the risks. And because we are now in Wijhe, we contacted KonnecteD. It is a nice match, because they are only 15 minutes away from us. They have the space and a lot of knowledge in assembly and metals and they have special technical services Their. This is a real added value for us.”

“Craftsmanship is the impetus to always want to do everything right”

Raymond van Merveld, Manufacturing Engineer at Flamco Groep

Flamco made the necessary steps for the process with KonnecteD. Van Merveld: It has to be done very well and in detail. Based on this, we created a line of six “stations”. KonnecteD decides who is on which station. They know the people and can put the right employee in their power. At first, we thought it was especially important to explain to the staff why we do our flexible vents and flexible consoles the way we do. This ensures that everyone in the production process understands the importance of their contribution.”

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real ambassadors

Van Merveld was not often at KonnecteD. “If all goes well, it’s not necessary,” he explains. “It just works. But when we are there, it is good to connect with the employees. Apart from the business advantage, I personally think that is the best thing about social entrepreneurship. The enthusiasm of the people is great. They really work for our company and you can feel that participation. There. Always someone with a few questions. I think this is literal: always wanting to do everything right. Employees take pride in their ability to be part of the process and thus are true ambassadors for our company.”