March 28, 2023

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Eric van Looy wears a white eye patch in the Dutch “De Slimste mens” after an urgent operation: “the retina is torn and detached”

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An amazing sight, tonight in the Dutch version of The smartest person in the world: Eric Van Looy with a white eyepatch. After all, during the November recordings, he had to go under the knife urgently or he might lose his sight.

While his Dutch rivals Maia van As and Aniflor Schipper play “Normal” on Tuesday night’s broadcast, Eric Van Looy – who won the episode Monday night – takes a different approach. With a white eyepatch and a screen close by so he can see enough even with one eye. Not because he wanted it that way, but because there was no other way.

“My retina is torn and detached,” we see him say in a trailer for tonight’s episode. “It was actually when I was here. I saw flies all the time. But I thought, With all these old folks in the studio… I didn’t know what that was. Then it was done and I was still seeing weird things. I thought: I really need to see a doctor.” He said: So act immediately.

That morning during filming, in late November, he went to the hospital at 7 am and at 8 am he went under the knife. “Using local anesthesia, instead of what they usually do with such an operation. For I said: I can’t be completely numb. So they gave me a really good thing. I feel very good.”

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