June 18, 2024

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Hugo Segal seen at the police station: “When the police called me, I thought: What did I do wrong?”

Hugo Segal seen at the police station: “When the police called me, I thought: What did I do wrong?”

For Belgian Music Week, an initiative of VRT and VI.BE, Antwerp Police has packed a few mics and a handful of famous artists into a week-long mix celebrating Belgian music. “We are a modern force and like to respond to current events,” says Wouter Bruins, spokesperson for the Antwerp Police District. “We are still looking out for a lot of people and in this way we are trying to show that we are not unworldly and that we are close to the citizen. Through these videos we want to show people that the police is an attractive employer and we hope to convince people to strengthen our ranks.”

Pianist Jeff Nifeh started on Monday and world-famous Flanders-based singer Hugo Segal, famous duo Nicole and Hugo, played on Tuesday.

Although the singer — known for songs like “Good Morning Tomorrow” — was allowed to blow out 75 candles last year, it was Hugo’s “compound hazing.” “It means I’m doing a good job, I’m a good person.” When the police called me I thought: “What did I do wrong?” he laughs.

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Ups and downs

Seagal had to say goodbye to his backing and rock band in November. The two had been inseparable for more than fifty years. Grief is great, but he’s trying to catch himself. “goes with Ups and downs. “Some days it goes well, other days it doesn’t,” says Hugo. “It’s a grieving process that I have to go through. When I hear one of our songs, I spontaneously start crying, and when I walk through our house I see ‘Colleke’ walking,…but she’s gradually getting better. I recently visited a grief therapist, which helps me a lot.”

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his emotional performance on chestnut It did not go unnoticed by the agents. “It was so intense. I broke down during rehearsals, and I couldn’t take it anymore,” Hugo admits. “I just sang for Nicole, that’s how I was able to focus. It pulled me in.”

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The woman of his life may have died, but the life of the old hand in the trade hasn’t stopped. For example, the singer has a role in the series Ketnet #LikeMe. “Unbelievable, what a success,” he says excitedly.

Was a good police officer lost to Hugo? Bruins and his colleague wonder. “I don’t know, but I’ll be fair,” says Hugo. “I will talk to people.”

Willie Summers

Antwerp police also welcomed opera singer Stephane Sivoleli to their group. “This is of course a very different kind of Hugo, but we’re doing it because we want to show a wide range of artists,” said Wouter Bruins of the Antwerp Police.

In the following days, singers Willie Somers and Walter Groeters, among others, would visit her.

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