July 20, 2024

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Your TV Week in the Ratings: Tom Waes Already Reaches 1.7 Million ‘Students’ and James Cook Loses Support |  television

Your TV Week in the Ratings: Tom Waes Already Reaches 1.7 Million ‘Students’ and James Cook Loses Support | television

television“A Flanders Story” again reached 100,000 more viewers in viewing figures. Tom Weiss clearly didn’t miss his date with Flemish (TV) history. Whether or not it was presented in clean Dutch, viewers continue to love it. It should also be noted that “The Story of Flanders” is the champion of VRT’s “delayed viewing”. Last week, some 450,000 Flemish people made up their viewing arrears.

Following in Wiss’s footsteps, the fictional reconstruction of the history of “De Bende van Nijvel” has also been deferred for viewing by more than 300,000 Flemings. At VTM, people will be very satisfied with the final result of “Mathilde, the Big Conversation”, which rose from 660,000 live viewers to 863,000 final viewers and a place in the top ten of the week.

In that top ten is also a sweet spot for “De Verhulstjes”. The best example is relaxing with a half hour of television when it suits you. Live Well to 480,000 fans, followed by nearly 400,000 more viewers in the following days. This cannot be said of James the Musician. For the first time since the show’s inception, it doesn’t deserve a spot in the top 20. After a strong start in early December with 930,000 viewers, TV’s new figure for the year is now just under 650,000 interested, including delayed viewing. 30 percent loss.

Also remarkable is that the soap operas “Familie” and “Thuis” together represent a loyal daily viewing army of more than 1.9 million viewers, of whom about 1.6 million want to watch live altogether, but also about 250,000 Flemish people who do. that have been postponed. No wonder Gert Verholst competes with “De Tafel van Vier” on Play4. This also applies to “Play CafĂ©”, which, although it started on All Me, has yet to score a noteworthy number, even with repeats.

(The numbers are live plus delayed viewing up to seven days after broadcast, all screens.)

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