May 29, 2023

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EU envoy Borrell talks to Belarus' foreign minister on border tensions: 'Do not use people as weapons' |  Abroad

EU envoy Borrell talks to Belarus’ foreign minister on border tensions: ‘Do not use people as weapons’ | Abroad

The Belarussian state agency BELTA, a propaganda tool for the Belarusian regime, reported that Makey said his country was making efforts against mass immigration from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Minsk is ready for dialogue.

Authoritarian-led Belarus has been accused of creating the tragic situation on its borders. Thousands of migrants have been in freezing temperatures in the border area for days. The European Union says dictator Alexander Lukashenko travels with migrants and that his security services move migrants to Europe’s external borders. He suspects that in this way he is retaliating against Western sanctions and wants to impose dialogue. The European Union no longer recognizes Lukashenko as president due to fraud in his re-election.

Mackey is said to have told Borrell that the sanctions were “hopeless” and “counterproductive”. Earlier, Borrell stated that the European Union will tighten its sanctions. For example, from Monday, everyone “who participates in the movement of migrants to Belarus, such as airlines, travel agencies and officials” will be targeted.

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