May 29, 2023

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EU to start consultation in 2023 to let tech companies pay for network – IT Pro – News

If company x (eg: kpn fiber division) lays down fiber for homes and then receives money from parties like tmobile, freedom, kpn (internet) and a number of other providers, then in reality kpn in principle only pays 2 should to make decisions…

> We earn enough for healthy business operations and an acceptable return for our investors.
> Do we do something good for our customers with this, they remain satisfied and thus we can also make future profits….

The question is, what would a kpn do if its million-person families were no longer its customers, but instead the Netflixes and disny-pluses of this world, in short, what happens when you’re not a customer but a producer?

Lord, it may be desirable in the short term to pay Netflix, but immediately remember that netflix will return it to you at an additional cost. In fact, it is better to pay an extra Euro per month for KPN right away and just know that dirty games will never be played.

There is absolutely no reason to charge netflix, netflix pays for all of their private data, and if at all possible they’ll be happy to limit these costs by local peering or putting a cache server in the provider’s network.
Then we just look at the parts provider <-> Client and I say we all agreed on net neutrality. Each service must be treated equally on the basis of technical specifications. If it turns out that people are streaming a lot with their 1Gb subscription, maybe you should just offer a different kind of offer to your customers…and maybe even set data limits again. I can imagine you can download say 5TB per month at 1Gbps, and then adjust to 50Mbps for the rest of the month. You will probably get two connections soon, one for daily 10/10Mbps browsing with no data limits and one for gaming and max online backups. – but no matter how you look at it, it’s clear that it’s your customers who consume a lot of data, and then you also have to sit down with them to come up with solutions for that – rather than advertising your customers as an involuntary product.

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I also hope that providers like Freedom won’t cut corners with this axe, because it will soon end with their sweet talk of “we are there for our customers” In fact, I expect them to actually share that point of view and also with that point of view, I will respond to this consultation otherwise I won’t become (or remain) their client anyway

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