September 28, 2022

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European Parliament elects new Secretary-General after controversial nomination |  Abroad

European Parliament elects new Secretary-General after controversial nomination | Abroad

The European Parliament appointed its new Secretary General on Monday evening, after an appointment process criticized for a lack of transparency. It added in a statement that the European Parliament’s executive body, made up of the president and 14 vice-presidents, “has appointed Mr. Alessandro Chiusti as the institution’s new Secretary-General”.

Chiuchite, 53, will head the current cabinet of Parliament Speaker Roberta Mezzola on Jan. 1.

The decision was made on Monday in Strasbourg during a restricted meeting. The list of candidates for this key management position in the European Parliament has not been announced in advance, nor has the procedure for selecting candidates announced.

Parliament clarified on Monday evening that “the procedure allows members of the bureau to listen to and ask questions of four different candidates,” adding that the nomination was made “by a very large majority” and “after lengthy deliberations” it came into being.

‘unjustified action’

“This is an unjustified hasty measure that seriously damages the image of the institution, while there is plenty of time to replace the current Secretary-General before the end of the year,” criticized Spanish Representative Iratex Garcia Perez, head of the left-wing S&D. – The group, the second largest political force in the European Parliament.

In an open letter to agency members, the anti-corruption NGO Transparency International on Friday called on Parliament to “take urgent steps to improve transparency and integrity in the European Parliament’s recruitment processes”.

The European Parliament building in Strasbourg. © ANP / EPA

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