April 22, 2024

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Evelyn has to leave 'Big Brother': 'I'm still glad I can go home'

Evelyn has to leave ‘Big Brother’: ‘I’m still glad I can go home’

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“Big Brother” once again said goodbye to one of the residents. The second Dutchman, because Evelyn, 38, had to leave home in Amsterdam after an eventful week. The viewer chose to allow Nawel and Julio to stay. Farewell brought tears.

“I’m really happy to be back home,” says Evelyn in Peter van de Veer’s first reaction. “I would have liked to have stayed, but it’s definitely good to be home. I’ll let my friends here miss Nushin and Noel. I’ll miss them, they’ve really dragged me over the past few weeks. I won’t miss Vera and Salar,” she honestly answers Peter’s question. “The first thing I’m going to do now is cuddle my dog ​​and Bass.” Who do you think will win: “Noshin!”

eventful week

Last week was Separation Week in Big brother. It was impressive to say the least. A wall was placed in the middle of the house, dividing the group into two teams – two gold teams and one green team. Young spouses Vera and Dmitriy broke up. Furthermore, Vera also received shocking news from the home front: Grandfather died suddenly. Fortunately, the groups were then reunited, and Vera could count on Dimitri’s comfort. Including a big hug and So good night.

Also for Tobias, it was a week to remember for some unfortunate reason. He twisted his foot while playing sports and had to take him to the emergency room. He is currently in quarantine. He has a small fracture in his foot but is in good shape. “Fortunately, you can remove the plaster again next Friday,” he says on the show. “It’s a tear in the ankle in the bone.” He was then allowed to wave around the video call to fellow housemates.

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