November 30, 2022

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Sylvie DB recovering from serious ear surgery: 'Without surgery I would definitely have gone deaf'

Sylvie DB recovering from serious ear surgery: ‘Without surgery I would definitely have gone deaf’

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She fears for her singing career, says Sylvie DB (40) in Hello all. The singer recently underwent surgery on her left ear, and next year it will be her turn for the other. “One small mistake could have been fatal, but without it I would have definitely gone deaf.”

Five years ago, Sylvie was diagnosed with otosclerosis, a calcification of the stirrup bone in both ears. D.B. explains that it is a genetic disease, and therefore does not hear harm due to her music career. But it caused her hearing loss, both in conversations and on stage. “It got so bad that I could only hear the high pitches,” she says.

An alternative solution in every ear is the solution, or the singer will eventually become deaf. “I tried to delay the process as long as possible so that I could continue performing in the meantime, based on the reasoning made to me as a singer, if it ended badly.” Meanwhile, the first operation was completed and the Silver singer became more optimistic. “The doctor has already run tests, and it’s clear that my auditory curve is perfect,” she says. “According to that doctor, in a month’s time, I’m going to be really shocked at how good my hearing is all of a sudden.”

Caution is advised, though. “I have to self-quarantine at home for a month. I even take my daughter to my parents, because I can’t see anyone for the first two weeks, I’m very susceptible to infection. Even if I catch a cold, the surgery will be for nothing.” A second operation will follow in a year’s time, but the first shows with Silver are planned. “This spring we will be at Sportpaleis four times with Night of the Proms for the Sponsorship Thanksgiving edition. We hope to be able to resume the tour for the 20th anniversary soon.”

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