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Thibaut Ness loses the leader's jersey to Ayuso in the Tour de Romandie, and McNulty wins the time trial

Thibaut Ness loses the leader's jersey to Ayuso in the Tour de Romandie, and McNulty wins the time trial

Tour de Romandie

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    Thibau Nys' (Lidl-Trek) yellow adventure was short-lived in the Tour de Romandie. In the 15km time trial, he finished far into the background. Juan Ayuso (Team Emirates) takes over the leader's jersey and adds a 7s bonus to Ilan van Wilder. The time trial win fell prey to Ayuso's teammate Brandon McNulty.

    Riders were already fearing weather conditions would play a role. The afternoon rain mainly affected the final start.

    For example, a rookie like Brandon McNulty had an advantage. The American champion, who has already won a time trial at this year's UAE Tour, was allowed to ride on completely dry roads.

    As the tenth starter, he clocked 20'07″, 24 seconds faster than Johan Bryce Bijtersen, who started shortly before him.

    The 26-year-old American and 24-year-old Dane held the top two positions for more than an hour. No one could get close to McNulty.

    Most of the contenders for the stage win started in the slot. Disadvantage for them: they got wet in Romandie.

    Ayuso delivers the tap

    Magnus Sheffield survived the heavy rain. The American has served time on his compatriot McNulty.

    At halfway he followed in 15 seconds, and at the finish in 13 seconds. Good for a provisional second place.

    Not long after, the classification men began their test against the clock. This was in more difficult conditions, because the rain became heavier.

    Juan Ayuso was the strongest in the rain. The Spaniard, who won the time trial in Tirreno-Adriatico earlier this season, lost 21 seconds to McNulty.

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    It became (once again) a true Emirati party with McNulty (1st), Grosschartner (3rd) and Ayuso (4th). For McNulty, this is already his fifth individual win of the season.

    Captain Thibaut Ness was unable to enjoy his day in yellow. He lost a lot of time in a specialty that didn't really suit him. He ended up finishing 71st.

    Juan Ayuso is the new leader. Ilan van Wilder (ninth today) is now in second place. Alexander Vlasov and Carlos Rodriguez are also lurking.

    Other favorites such as Simon Yates, Egan Bernal and Richard Carapaz have to make up a minute after an intermediate time trial. This is still possible tomorrow in the Queen stage.

    Juan Ayuso

    Van Wilder: “I had a good experience”

    • Ilan van Wilder (Ninth): There is no point in looking at today’s result, as not everyone rode in the same conditions. Not only was there rain, but there was also a lot of wind. I feel like I had a good experience. When landing, I had to walk very carefully through the turns. One mistake and it's over. In order to gain speed, I had to run fast after every turn. I came here for a good rated ride. So far, so good.

    Stage after stage

    Lucas Blapp crosses the line with the 27th fastest time. No doubt the Australian expected more of this.

    Van Wilder is currently ninth

    Ilan van Wilder loses just 10 seconds to Juan Ayuso. And the Spaniard appears to be quite confident in the new captain's jersey.

    No help from Nys

    Thibaut Ness loses the yellow leader's shirt today. This has already been decided halfway. He recorded the 103rd fastest time at the intermediate point. That's 1'22″ behind McNulty and a minute behind Ayuso, who is on pace for first place.

    Vendrame, second in the world rankings, will sink. The Italian is only 86th at the midpoint. Another man to pass: Thibaut Ness.

    We should not take Lucas Plabb into account when winning the stage. He's 37th on the road.

    Ayuso does an excellent job

    Juan Ayuso rode an excellent second part. His fourth time was 21 seconds slower than McNulty's. Wins time over all competitors.

    Waste of time Vlasov

    The second part was less good for Alexander Vlasov. He finished seventh, less than half a minute behind Brandon McNulty, who gradually began to celebrate his stage victory.

    Ilan van Wilder is in very good shape. He crosses the middle point in 11th place, 10 seconds behind Vlasov.

    Adam Yates also took a big hit. Compared to Rodriguez, the current top ranked man, he lost 40 seconds at the end.

    Vlasov III is on the way

    The rain won't be bothersome at all, as Alexander Vlasov is only 12 seconds slower than McNulty at the halfway mark. What can Ayuso do?

    Lucas Plab

    Wearing the jersey of the Australian champion, Lucas Plabb begins the 15.5 km time trial. Along with Ayuso, he is the first candidate to take over from Nice.

    Rodriguez VI

    Carlos Rodriguez gives a slap to the other ranking men who have already finished. He's half a minute faster than Geoghegan Hart and a lot more than the rest.

    4 more starters

    Every two minutes, riders get off the starting platform. After Ayuso, Lenny Martinez and Enrique Mas also left. Ilan van Wilder, Luke Blabb, Andrea Vendram and Thibaut Nice have yet to start.

    Tao Geoghegan Hart is having a great experience. The Briton currently sits in 16th place at the finish. He is faster than Hindley, Bernal and Carapaz.

    Carlos Rodriguez proves that fast driving is still possible. At the halfway point he set the eighth fastest time. Real-time prosecutors may still be able to threaten McNulty.

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