July 24, 2024

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Helpful change at checkout: “Easier and saves you time at checkout”

Helpful change at checkout: “Easier and saves you time at checkout”

Anyone who wants to pay with meal vouchers in a store using Payconiq can encounter an annoying problem when the balance of meal vouchers is insufficient. To complete the payment process, you had to pay the rest using your bank card or smartphone.

That has changed now. With the new functionality in the Payconiq app, you can pay for your entire purchase by scanning once. “Not only is this much easier, it also saves you time at the cash register,” says Bancontact Payconiq.

How it works?

For this function to work, you must link your meal vouchers in the Payconiq by Bancontact app beforehand. In-store it works like this: “Scan the Payconiq QR code at your merchant. If that merchant allows payment with meal vouchers and with Payconiq, payment with meal vouchers will be automatically suggested.”

Then confirm or enter the amount you want to pay. “You’ll receive a helpful overview of your available Meal Voucher balance and how you can pay for your purchases. Do you have enough credit to pay for the entire purchase with your Restaurant Ticket? Then you can pay for the full purchase with your Meal Vouchers.”

“If you cannot pay for your purchase in full with meal vouchers? The remaining amount will be paid via Payconiq through your linked bank account.”

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