July 25, 2024

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A record number of people in Belgium are moving to another region

A record number of people in Belgium are moving to another region

Never before have so many people in Belgium moved from one region to another as in 2023. A total of 73,870 people have moved, reports the Confederation of Real Estate Professionals (CIB).

The largest movement occurred from Brussels to Flanders or Wallonia: no less than 37,613 Brussels residents left the capital. “Most people who move from Brussels to Flanders or Wallonia do so because their money is worth more there. “Houses are much more expensive in Brussels, sometimes they cost a third more,” says CIB spokesman Christoph Thijs. “Brussels residents who leave are mainly settling down.” In the Walloon or Flemish suburbs, “so as not to lose their connection to Brussels.”

The urban journey continues

Not only are people moving away from the capital, people are also coming to live. In 2023, 10,856 Flemish people and 8,532 Walloon people moved to Brussels. “These people are basically looking for a place to live that’s not far from their work,” Theis says.

Despite the fact that Brussels is already adding population, and more Flemish and Walloons are moving to Brussels again since the Corona crisis, the exodus continues. For example, Brussels lost 18,225 inhabitants to other regions in 2023, while in 2011 there were “only” 13,858 inhabitants. Since 2021, the urban ride has remained at about the same level.

Finally, 7,496 Flemish people moved to Wallonia in 2023, and 9,373 people made the opposite move. “The Flemish people who settle in Wallonia do so mainly because of low property prices,” Thies concludes.