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TIPA World Awards 2024 Best Lenses

TIPA World Awards 2024 Best Lenses

Published on: May 20, 2024

For over thirty years, TIPA has been awarding awards for the best photographic equipment released in the previous year. Pf Photography magazine has been a member of TIPA for years and attaches importance to professional equipment. Here we mention some of the best lenses that have received the Tipa award.

Best Standard Prime Lens Voigtländer NOKTON 40mm F1.2 Aspherical

For practical photographers who understand the appeal of a fast manual focus lens that delivers remarkable accuracy and clarity, the Nokton 40mm delivers that even at f/1.2. Previously introduced for Leica M mount, Sony E mount and Nikon Z mount, this new lens has been paired with a Canon RF mount, making it one of the first standalone lenses to be accepted into the RF club. The lens has two aspherical elements, which significantly eliminates spherical aberrations and distortion, and enables focusing as close as 0.30 metres. The ten-blade diaphragm adds extra charm to bokeh images and enables spontaneous and creative work in very low light. This lens allows for changing the aperture with or without a click, which is a welcome feature for videographers.

Best APS-C Wide Angle Zoom Lens Sigma 10-18mm F2.8 DC DN | contemporary

One of the most important ways photographers can expand their photographic horizons is to work with lenses that provide a unique view of the world, and the contemporary SIGMA 10-18mm F2.8 DC DN certainly delivers that. With an equivalent focal length of 15-27mm on APS-C cameras and a constant maximum aperture of F2.8, this lightweight (260g) and compact (72.2 x 62.0mm) lens is ideal for traveling and enjoying intimate views of nature and with your camera lenses. Minimum focus distance (11.6cm) and minimum aperture F22, beautiful perspectives with great depth of field and much more. The stepping motor is also versatile for video recording, ensuring fast focusing and smooth recording. This lens is available in different mounts and is therefore ideal for capturing unique and exciting images.

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Best Canon RF24-105mm F2.8 L IS USM Z Hybrid Zoom Lens

This fast aperture combines features and functionality with strong appeal for video and still photographers and signals the growing trend of camera hybridization to handle equally well in all types of lighting and shooting conditions, whether breaking news, weddings, events, or for personal projects in the studio or on location. . The lens offers minimum focus breathing and electronic focusing performance for videographers and also two types of Power Zoom adapters as optional accessories. Dual Nano USM motors mean you can focus quickly and quietly, and low-light conditions are no problem thanks to 5.5 stops of in-lens optical image stabilization, which goes up to an impressive 8 stops when using Canon’s coordinated IS with an in-body image stabilization (IBIS) compatible camera. Full manual focus is also possible for quick adjustments while shooting via the dedicated aperture ring. With an eleven-blade aperture, out-of-focus areas are beautifully reproduced in portraits and other short-focus compositions.

Best Tamron 17-50mm F/4 Di III VXD Wide Angle Zoom Lens

The ultra-wide to normal zoom range is versatile for travel, landscape and nature shots, as well as videography. This lightweight and compact lens is perfect for taking with you. The ability to focus closely increases creativity. The lens maintains sharp video quality thanks to adequate internal 2-axis zoom. The VXD autofocus is fast, quiet and ensures accuracy. Weather resistance makes the lens ideal for outdoor use and supports the TAMRON Lens Utility for unique custom settings for video shooting, expanding creative options.

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Best professional portrait lens NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena

It’s rare for Nikon to name a lens, so we looked it up and Plena is defined as “the condition or quality of fullness.” If the compliments photographers around the world have given this lens are any indication, the name is apt. The professional response worldwide has been very positive and is aimed at commercial photographers, wedding photographers, portrait photographers and even landscape and nature photographers. He particularly praises the beautiful edge-to-edge bokeh for photos and videos, thanks to the 11-blade aperture; Edge-to-edge clarity and reduced ghosting, flare and edge aberrations, thanks to special elements and coatings; Customizable controls and functions, especially for cinematographers who admire Nikon’s smooth aperture transitions and multi-system AF performance.

The Technical Photo Press Association, TIPA, was founded in 1991 and consists of several affiliated photo and photography publications published in print and online. These publications cover the full range of the industry, including consumer, professional, business, fine arts and photography.

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