June 9, 2023

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Britney Spears Responds To Caffeine Addiction Rumors: ‘I’m Sticking To Watermelon Juice’ | celebrities

“Sometimes my confused mind is an easy target to mess with,” Britney Spears wrote in an Instagram post in response to allegations that she is addicted to caffeine and energy drinks. “Anyway, I’m sticking to watermelon juice, which is the weirdest thing ever, but I’ve been told for years not to drink coffee. But I can’t even look at it!” Spears claims she swears by green tea and no-holds-barred Red Bull. “It’s definitely the worst drink ever.”

“I make jewelry, candles, doll clothes…and then?” “I may be a loser, but I do what makes me happiest and interests me. I don’t like people bullying me on social media.” Her husband, Sam Asghari, continues to advocate for her. “My wife is in complete control of her life and will continue to make all decisions about her care regardless of the circumstances. Speculation about her health is inappropriate and must stop immediately,” Asghari responded earlier this year to the allegation that Britney once acted aggressively towards him.

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