March 5, 2024

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Everyone is welcome for a cup of Turkish coffee at Erdoğan

Everyone is welcome for a cup of Turkish coffee at Erdoğan

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After a year and a half of negotiations, Turkey agreed to join Sweden in NATO. Sweden did not consider NATO membership necessary until Russia started a European war. Sweden then quickly dropped its insistence and asked for expedited accession. “Whatever it takes,” Turkish President Erdogan thought. 'There are still some fanatical Kurds and other Turkish troublemakers in Sweden.' Now they fear jail or deportation, Erdogan is determined.

You have influence as the only Middle East NATO country. Turkey is a bridge between two continents, and likes to act as a neutral mediator between warring parties, as a hinge between East and West. Russia, Syria, EU, USA, China, Arab countries: everyone is welcome for a cup of Turkish coffee.

On the international stage, Erdogan is always available for an open dialogue, but it is better not to say everything that comes to mind in Turkey. Former residents from Turkey to Sweden note this. Those on the Turkish deportation list now have a double chance of reaching a NATO country.

Place Europe and Asia

Capital Ankara

Biggest city Istanbul

Called up to 1922 with some other areas Ottoman Empire

Officially invited from 2022 Turkey itself

population 85 million

Number of turkeys 5 million

Tea leaf consumption 3 kg per person per year

Dutch traditions with Turkish roots Tulips, Sinterklaas, Donner

NATO membership first 1952

The candidate is a member of the European Union 1999

Plate Tectonics Say it

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