February 27, 2024

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US AI regulations could go into effect as early as this week

US AI regulations could go into effect as early as this week

Following Europe, the US is also imposing stricter rules on companies that develop AI technology and cloud computing providers. Henceforth, the government wants to know what they are doing.

Game time is up for OpenAI, Anthropic and co. Following the example of European AI legislation, Washington will now introduce new rules for companies developing AI technology. But while the rules could take years to take effect in Europe, it could happen as soon as this week in the U.S., he writes. Wired. It requires nothing more than President Biden's signature.

Defense Production Act

The law essentially gives the US government more direct control over what AI companies do. The government relies on the Defense Production Act, created in the 1950s following the Korean War, which means the government can monitor private companies if it is in the interest of national security. In this context, this means that AI companies must notify the government of any project that requires a 'significant amount of computing power'.

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Why the EU and US treat data differently

It would give the government access to sensitive data and projects at US AI companies. Extending the Safeguard Manufacturing Act to the AI ​​industry is highly specialized. AI can certainly have military applications, although major players try as much as possible to avoid using their technologies for this purpose. They should also undergo regular safety checks.

Know your customers

The proposed laws concern cloud providers offering AI models. They need to be very vigilant about who they provide access to their cloud infrastructure, especially when it comes to foreign players. Providers must fully verify the identity of non-US customers who register. There will be minimum requirements to identify foreign users and cloud computing companies will also have to demonstrate that they respect them annually.

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In principle, the rules apply to all foreign users of US cloud computing services, but specifically, the law should prevent Chinese companies from entering into cloud contracts. “We cannot allow non-state actors or China or people we don't want access to our cloud,” said Economy Secretary Gina Raimondo. Reuters. The legislation is part of a series of moves to push China back in the AI ​​race.