April 16, 2024

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Explosion at a chemical plant in Leverkusen, Germany: One killed, 4 missing, 16 injured. Warning: “Stay indoors, serious threat”

A Strong explosion Occurred at a company this morning Chemical Park From Leverkusen, In Germany. The Smoke columns Will arise from the burning plant Hazardous waste In Perik District, Managed by the company Karanda. One was found Deceased There are others 4 missing. There are at least 16 people were injured, Four of them The extreme way. The German Federal Office for Civil Defense and Disaster Relief classified the explosion as “one.” Serious threatHe also told residents to stay inside Keep the doors closed e Windows. The Cloud It leaves the plant due to the wind, and the North Rhine moves in a north-easterly direction toward other cities in Westphalia. Provides Leverkusen Chemical Park Different plants, In addition to the damaged one. This is really one Is large Chemical parksEurope, Based on more than 70 companies.

The reason Explosion It is not yet clear, what happened 9.40. Because of this Fire According to Karanda, it was developed on the tank farm of the Perik Disposal Center. It was a tank that went up in flames Solvents. Just below is a tank park 100 thousand liters Of flammable iron liquid. According to the local newspaper Cologne City Gazette, For this reason people were warned of the danger of one The second eruption.

The company responsible for the site, Karanda, A company that was a part of until 2019 Bayer Group, Whose factory is located in Leverkusen. In April 2020, on sale Macquarie Group, An Australian investment bank. Karanda takes care Disposal Hazardous waste. According to Picture, Treated and removed at the Leverkusen plant Organic waste e Toxic, Sewage sludge, Waste water And waste water accumulates, filtration residues, inseparable, alogenati, Waste containing silane e Phosphorus, Pesticides, Insecticides, Waste with PCBs, Asbestos, Followed by organic pollutants.

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Adjacent home police Colonia He said he had no information The reason Oh On the company The blast, however, sent large numbers of police, firefighters, helicopters and ambulances to the scene. They asked all residents to stay indoors and warned people who came from outside Leverkusen to avoid the area. They also closed several highways nearby. Firefighters They were called in from all over the region to help put out the fire. Explosive scene, The Chemical Park, Located very close to the banks of the Rhine River.

As reported by the Reinich-Perkisher Greece Control Center, The Black cloud Cities to the northeast Persheet e Vermelskirchen. In these cities, too, residents have to keep their doors and windows closed. TO Solingan The siren is already gone and you can smell the smoke Wuppertal, Another large city in northern Rhine Westphalia. Cologne firefighters tweeted shortly after Ore 12.30 Air pollution measurements show “no Type of disorder“.