May 26, 2024

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Covid, U.S. Reverse: Mask for those vaccinated at home – World

The U.S. Federal Health Service (CDC) has recommended the internal use of the mask with a clear change, even for those who have been vaccinated in high-risk areas of Govt infection. It has been explained that some vaccines, which are affected by the delta variant, may continue to spread the virus.

The United States is considering introducing a vaccine duty on all employees of the federal government: US President Joe Biden.

Alarm for new outbreak of epidemics in Tokyo and across Japan. The dream returns in the middle of summer – desirable but fearful of the Olympics – and starts in Asia, where, with the exception of a few virtuous events, the epidemic does not allow. There are 2,848 new cases in 24 hours in Tokyo, the highest level since the outbreak. Nationwide, with 7,629 infections, this is the largest increase since the beginning of January. In Europe, meanwhile, seasonal needs – vacations, travel, travel – are taken into account in calculating old and new measurements per millimeter. As in the United States, in some cases the mask is required to return to the duty of the interior and be vaccinated and schools to reopen in September. The U.S. media reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing for circulation. In France, however, this rule has already been introduced, although only in the Bordeaux region, one of the major French cities, and in Gironde, one of the many tourist areas of the surrounding region. It also increases the ban on street drinking. Calls for the vaccine continue to resonate: chronologically the latest was launched by French Health Minister Olvier Warren from his Twitter profile: “Don’t delay, vaccinate!”. In these hourly appeals, now 18-year-old activist Creta Dunberg received the first dose of the vaccine, and released a photo showing a hand that had been vaccinated with a serum, recalling how “very unfair” it was. The distribution of vaccines around the world and all those who can do so is invited to follow his example. “I am so grateful and blessed to be able to live in an area of ​​the world where I can already be vaccinated. The distribution of vaccines around the world is very unfair,” Greta wrote. At the same wavelength of the message spread by UNICEF, Bhutan’s Little Asian Kingdom illustrates how it should be considered a role model for international vaccine donors, the point at which 85% of eligible population is subjected to a second dose after accelerating his campaign. Returning to Europe, the United Kingdom is performing well, with epidemics declining for the seventh day in a row, with 23,511 new cases identified. But German Health Minister Jens Spann, meanwhile, plans to extend the mandatory Govt-19 test to anyone entering Germany, regardless of where they come from or what they want to enter. For now, the test duty is on travelers coming from places that have been added to the list of dangerous areas, and so far the desire to tighten measures has not met the full support of the government. After all, the recent photo of the European Disease Control Center ECTC is very clear in understanding how the spread of the delta variant is causing an increase in cases in the RSA and long-term care facilities in various European countries. According to the European Center, there is an incomplete immunization rate among health professionals (it is estimated that more than 20% are not yet vaccinated), and vaccination coverage for the elderly may be low, and may be short-lived. So the situation needs to change, not just in Europe. Israel, now a ‘former’ virtuous country, registers 2,000 new infections in a single day (never in a month) and is evaluating the possibility of providing a third-degree Pfizer vaccine to more than 60 people before formal recognition comes. Part of the US FDA.

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