March 4, 2024

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Extra time is looking for an answer to a legitimate question: "Why is Rodformer sitting on the sofa?"  |  Jupiler Pro League

Extra time is looking for an answer to a legitimate question: “Why is Rodformer sitting on the sofa?” | Jupiler Pro League

Rodformer’s seat status on the bench at Club Brugge is becoming increasingly important. The captain was on the bench more than he would like for an entire season. Coach Philip Clement says this was agreed upon before the season, but Former has to bite his teeth more and more. They also saw it on the overtime schedule.

The ball started to roll in the Champions League, with the Dutchman only once at base (out of town) from six days of matches and coming in 3 times. In the cup, the 33-year-old midfielder took part for 100 minutes in the tough qualifiers in Genk (2-3) for the quarter-finals.

In the competition, Vormer started 13 times out of 16 times he was selected, on November 19 in Mechelen he was substituted in the first half, a day after the match in Genk he got only 18 minutes, but he managed. 2-1 turned into 2-3. On day 17 of the match against Syring he got his first hour from Clement, last Sunday he was only allowed to play the second half as a substitute for 17-year-old Sissi Sandra.

Sonk: “I wasn’t expecting Former on the bench. I was really surprised that Sandra was allowed to play 3 times a week, she’s going to be 18 this week, but let a young man start against Syring, PSG and Zault Wargem…”

“I always say these guys are very good for their age – I also think Cissy is good, but not against a full-fledged professional like Rod Former who’s been playing at that level for years.”

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Former has been playing for Club Brugge since 2014 and has been leading the battle for years with his goals and assists. It stands for the club’s motto “No Race, No Glory”.

Substitute Former turns it against Genk.

Vandenbempt: ‘Saving the story no longer matters’

Yuri Mulder, a native of Vormer, puts it harshly: “There is a certain idea behind Clement Said: ‘I want Former to come out at some point.’ This is very clear.

Doesn’t he want to spare Former and raise Frank Rice? Mulder and Vandenbett whistled: “This savings story no longer matters,” Vandenbett says, “we are still curious why Former, who for so many years was a mainstay with help and goals and as a pioneer, is now no longer considered good enough by the coach. To be in the team “.

“I think this is a legitimate question that the football fan and the cheerleader, who is always calling, should receive an answer. This could be a ball answer.”

Mulder: “Maybe Clement doesn’t really have a place for him in the team. He’s playing with De Kettler and Lange and you need depth somewhere.” Vandenbet would be satisfied with this interpretation of football.

Age also plays a role, according to Mulder: “In the Ballanta midfield, Rits and Vanaken are 28 and 29. Former is one of the oldest.”

Vandenbempt points out that Vormer always fills in well: in Genk, but also against Zulte Waregem. “It’s not that the club has been playing superbly all season. Saying that Clement has someone else doesn’t really work. There will certainly also be consultations with the board of directors on this matter.”

Clement and Mulder.

Sonck: ‘A lot of professionals end up in this situation when you get older’

Mulder visited Clement before Sunday’s game, Mulder knows: “Rodd is of that sort. Maybe the coach isn’t providing enough clarity. That’s causing frustration with the fans and maybe also with Former. He keeps him on the line. Just be clear what Clement’s plan is with Former?

Wesley Sonck thinks this is a natural progression: “I think a lot of pros end up in this kind of situation, maybe you (Youri), but I do too. At some point you get older and then they’d rather see you leave, leave, don’t play yet. right Now “.

“The question is always: If you play or go in and are still among the best, then as a player you have something to say.”

Mulder takes City’s example: “Sterling is also veering off course there, but Guardiola may have made that clear earlier. Clement may not provide that clarity. The coach isn’t always thinking at the moment, but already after a few games.”

For Philip Goss, a good home game against PSG (1-1, without Former) in September cast a kind of shadow: “It worked there. That match became kind of the standard for the club. Sticking with that would become wrong at some point. “. Because there have been many matches since then that have disproved it, Vandenbett concludes.

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