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F1 American GP summary: Verstappen's tactical victory strengthens championship lead

F1 American GP summary: Verstappen’s tactical victory strengthens championship lead

Max Verstappen knows how to keep Lewis Hamilton at the back for long stretches and boost his World Cup lead. The British Mercedes driver approached the tail of Verstappen’s Red Bull, but failed to overtake. Verstappen wins in the United States. Hamilton and Perez could also go to the American podium.

before the race

The US Grand Prix is ​​the 17th drivers’ showdown this season. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had already had it during the free practice sessions sticking together.

Also during press conferences Isn’t it always good to have these two next to each other. The men now stand side by side on the starting grid at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. With competitors side by side in the front row, this could indeed turn into a stunning F1 show. Previous fights between wheels in the gravel have ended several times, although Verstappen speaks Better not to talk about it. Lewis Hamilton is optimistic.

There is a lot at stake

Hamilton has six points in the World Cup less than the Dutchman, while Mercedes collected another 36 points. With Sergio Perez starting from third, while Bottas has to start from nine, Red Bull Racing sees opportunities to catch up with the all-star team that has dominated Formula One for years.

And there’s just enough tension behind it. like him McLaren and Ferrari are vying for third place in the World CupAlpha Tauri also wants to catch up with Alpine, who has 12 more World Cup points. The US F1 team Haas will be delighted to score their first point in front of their home fans. In any case, the team won’t start with the Red Lantern due to motorcycle penalties from others, although the points seem out of reach for Haas under normal circumstances.

You can discuss the race in Chat through this link.

Earlier this weekend

The weekend evolved from Friday. You can read summaries of the free training and qualification sessions via these links:

The first free exercise.

second free practice

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third free practice


He lives

The US Grand Prix starts at 9:00 PM Dutch time. US Grand Prix updates can be followed here at

Strong fix when starting grid in AlphaTauri

During the lap towards the starting grid, an exciting moment emerges for Pierre Gasly. He reported via the onboard radio that there was a problem with his power unit, and he fears he won’t and that there will be DNS after his name: not expired. Gasly is lucky: the team detects that the sensor needs replacing and does so quickly on the starting grid. The French driver can still participate.

The start of the race

Lewis Hamilton has a great start: Verstappen is pushing Hamilton inside. Verstappen gets very wide at the corner exit and slightly off the track. It loses its status and momentum. Hamilton slips, gives Perez space for Verstappen and stays in P3. Both McLaren’s Ferraris pass Carlos Sainz at the same time. The Spaniard drives away and cuts the corner before returning the spot to Ricciardo. Norris shoots out of bounds soon after. Nicholas Latifi hit Lance Stroll, causing Aston Martin to spin into the first corner. Ocon taps the Alfa Romeo’s rear spoiler. Alpine stops and switches to the steel frame.

Max Verstappen is within a second behind Hamilton after two laps. “He slipped a little bit,” Limberger told his team. If Verstappen really manages to stay in the second, he will have an advantage in the DRS zone from the next lap. Lewis Hamilton says after seven laps that Verstappen is faster. Verstappen approaches and Alonso stops. Verstappen once again tells his team that Hamilton is slipping a lot and that he himself is faster. “I just wanted to say it,” Vertappen concludes his message.

Max Verstappen tries to belittle

Max Verstappen gets into the lane on lap 10 and switches to the hard tire. Hamilton will stay on his way for the next session. Verstappen re-enters the track behind Sainz, who shortly thereafter also heads into the pit lane. Hamilton continues to drive after the 12th lap. In the thirteenth round, Sergio Perez also moves to the intermediaries. Hamilton comes to his team on lap 14 and switches to hard rubber. Max Verstappen breaks into the straight path and takes the lead. The American public can appreciate that. They cheer in the stands when Verstappen passes as leader.

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Pierre Gasly withdraws

Pierre Gasly drives slowly on the track. Notifies his team of suspension failure. The suspension takes a beating on the bumpy track. The AlphaTauri slowly drives to the pit lane. Gasly finds Waterloo in Austin.

Alonso tries to pass Räikkönen in the first corner, but in the process forces Räikkönen off the track. Bottas is eighth with Tsunoda. Alonso clashes with Giovinazzi, veered off course and had to return the spot. Alonso does so with great hesitation. Moments later, he overtakes Giovinazzi again, as the Italian goes too far and loses his spot.

Virtual safe car

There is a short-lived virtual safety car where something appears on the track and the brave Marshall removes it. Drivers can then hit the gas again.

Verstappen’s second hole stop

Max Verstappen reaches the parking lane on lap 30 and switches to hard rubber. Lewis Hamilton switches to the hard tire on lap 38 and is back on track behind Verstappen. Sergio Perez allows Verstappen to pass because the Limburger is much faster on his new solid tyres.

Standings after the race 40 laps

On lap 40, the order of the battle is as follows: Verstappen leads Hamilton, Perez, Leclerc, Ricciardo, Sainz, Bottas, Norris, Tsunoda, Raikkonen, Alonso, Giovinazzi, Vettel, Stroll, Russell, Latifi, Ocon, Schumacher and Mazepin.

Mazepin and Räikkönen will receive a black and white square sign, which means that they have exceeded the number of warnings for crossing the lane limits. So now they really have to color within the lines.

I will fall

Esteban ordered Ocon to quietly drive into the pit lane due to a car malfunction. The team doesn’t want to explain to the driver over the onboard radio exactly what the problem is.

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Bloody Hamilton fast on new rubber, gets close to Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton is half a second faster per lap than Verstappen because his tires are fresher. Limburger sees the black menace in his mirrors growing: Mercedes completely closes the gap to Verstappen. This can get exciting in the last laps.

Order after the race 50 laps

With six laps left, Verstappen is less than two seconds behind Hamilton. Sergio Perez is 32 seconds behind the leader. Behind that are the top ten: Leclerc, Ricciardo, Sainz, Bottas, Norris, Tsunoda and Räikkönen.

Räikkönen’s face through the well

Raikkonen makes a costly mistake; He’s spinning at full speed off the track at Turn 7. The Finn drops from tenth to twelfth place. However, Sebastian Vettel gets the point because he inherited the P10 from his former teammate.

Hamilton lurks, lacks speed to attack

Max Verstappen still has Lewis Hamilton in his neck, and Hamilton is not behind in just a second as he can carry out a DRS attack. The tension is enormous. Verstappen eventually managed to hold off Hamilton for a long time.