January 29, 2023

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F1 Manager 2022 released behind-the-scenes edition #4

It will happen on August 25, when the new F1 director walks out. To give people an idea of ​​what to expect, the developer is now creating a series that shows what goes on behind the scenes to give fans a game worth playing. On August 19, they released the fourth installment of the behind-the-scenes series.

In this fourth installment, they show exactly what they did to make the game as authentic as possible during the movie scenes. They literally had actors re-enact different scenes in the hole walking around in suits full of sensors. This gives a realistic look and feel to these types of scenes, so that the player thinks they are in between.

What also gets special attention are the breakpoints. This is of course not surprising, because this is the most important part of Formula 1. The drivers have either excelled or had to overcome the success and failure of the famous and bad tire changes. To make a movie that looked real, the actors had to be trained in how to change the frame. Only when this was fully rehearsed and all the tapes could be exchanged within three seconds did the recording begin for the game. They got help from the alpine team.

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