June 21, 2024

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Fabrizio Tzenaridis opens The Greek in Beringen (food and drink)

Fabrizio Tzenaridis opens The Greek in Beringen (food and drink)

Fabrizio Zinaridis, known from “Temptation Island” and “The Bachelor,” has captured his entrepreneurial itch.© RR


Fabrizio Zinnaridis, known as Temptation Island And BSC, grabbed the business itch: in June he opened his own restaurant “The Greek” in Beringen. He revealed on Instagram that he is going through this new adventure with his older brother: “Let’s do this silly!“.

Liane Vande Kerkhove

In addition to the media personality on shows like Tempation Island And BSC Houthalenaar Fabrizio Tzinaridis is also a real entrepreneur: he founded Fabrizio’s Tattoo Saloon, launched his own cosmetics line Divinty Cosmetics two years ago, retrained as a life coach and is therefore opening his own restaurant in June. He revealed on Instagram, “With my older brother.” “He has fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry, and just like me, he’s a dreamer. Only he didn’t dare chase those dreams. So I came up with the idea of ​​opening a Greek restaurant together.”


Although Fabrizio will not be stirring pots himself, he intends to be in the business as often as possible. “Our Greek chef has 25 years of experience in Greek cuisine. I will divide my attention between the hall, the kitchen and the takeaway. During the first month, I want to do as many deliveries as possible myself. The opening is scheduled for June.”