June 20, 2024

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From actor to leader: Stefaan Degand faces a particular challenge

From actor to leader: Stefaan Degand faces a particular challenge

With this special education, Deegan sees a childhood dream come true.© VRT – 2018

Actor Stéphane Degan (44) faces the role of his life. At the beginning of next year, he will conduct Brahms’ Fourth Symphony at the Bouzar in Brussels with an 80-piece orchestra. Canvas will take it into the new program Master’s degree He followed him for a year in his attempts to become a true leader.

Tom Fitts

Earlier we had already had Thomas Vanderveken venturing into a very difficult piano concerto, and news anchor Hanne Decoutere giving her best as a prima ballerina. Stefaan Degand can now be added to that list. In the coming period, he will be trained by the young conductor Pascal Van Os, with the ultimate goal of mastering a symphony orchestra. He also completely immerses himself in the works of Johannes Brahms. He speaks to internationally renowned specialists and major conductors such as Jaap van Zuyden. He also makes a trip to the small village in Austria where the composer completed his Magnus Opus in 1885. The climax of the documentary series will therefore be the performance of Brahms’ Fourth Symphony in the Hall Henri Le Boeuf in Beauzar, with the Belgian National Orchestra on January 27, 2024. With this special rehearsal, he sees Degan’s childhood dream come true. For even in his younger years he would stand with a conductor’s baton on the coffee table at home, pretending to be an accomplished conductor.