May 30, 2024

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Fallout fans calculate Lucy's XP level at the end of the TV series

Fallout fans calculate Lucy's XP level at the end of the TV series

the He falls The Amazon Prime TV series continues to intrigue fans, whether not with Easter eggs or ideas about Season 2, but with the question of what level of major character XP Lucy will have at the end of Season 1. And yes, of course the internet has done some math about that.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Fallout TV series

It is of course difficult to give a clear answer, simply because there is a lot to take into account and the series does not give you all the details you need.

However, it's clear that Lucy does relatively few things in the eight episodes of Season 1 that would give you a lot of experience points in Fallout. She often prefers talking to combat and doesn't do many (side) quests either. While some fans suggest that she could be anywhere between level 12 and 17, the majority seem to agree that she is below level 10.

The level you reach depends on a lot of assumptions, of course, but the community seems to agree that the Fallout TV series should more or less follow the same rules as the games. However, the series has several things that go against how XP in Fallout games typically works, which doesn't make determining Lucy's level any easier.

For example, it has been suggested that the TV series Fallout uses the equivalent of a survival mode, but the fact that in the series the bear is brought down quite easily by a 10mm pistol suggests that a low difficulty level is applied, which is inconsistent with the survival mechanics.

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To come to some sort of conclusion, the Fallout TV series is said to be a “modified play” with its own specific rules appearing here and there. However, if we just look at Lucy's combat and quests in the series, and the way that will result in XP in the Fallout games, it seems difficult to give her more than 5,000 XP and level 8.

So it looks like Lucy has some work to do if she wants to survive against the claws of death in season 2.