May 30, 2024

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Lionel Gadot, designer of Wolf and Jam: “I turn bits of asphalt into furniture.”

Lionel Gadot, designer of Wolf and Jam: “I turn bits of asphalt into furniture.”

What is the importance of the MIPIM Award?
Lionel Gadot: Thanks to the awards, the project was discovered by many people from the real estate sector. Not only in our country, but also internationally. The awards give a strong and dynamic image to Brussels and Belgium. What was particularly appreciated by the jury was the energy that the project radiated. This is the result of thoughtful cooperation between the different teams. The fact that the project was designed intelligently and consistently from the beginning makes it exceptional.

In what sense is the interior design of Mix Brussels more future-proof?
Guidot: From an environmental point of view, it is important to keep production as local as possible. Especially when you talk about the huge amounts of furniture needed to furnish a hotel, but also about the other functions within the project of approximately 25,000 square metres. Everything for Mix Brussels is produced within a fifty kilometer radius around Brussels. Although it may be cheaper to import uniform and anonymous furniture, I am radically against using such poor quality products that have to be replaced every few years.
Because each piece is tailored to the context of the Brussels mix, it is an integral part of the hotel's identity. They will never become dull or need replacing. And if things end badly for the hotel, you can auction off the furniture so it can find a new home.

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