May 30, 2024

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From release date to cast

From release date to cast

Hard to miss: The series Maxima It can be seen in Videoland from today. The drama series about Queen Máxima Zorreguieta was not only a huge success in the Netherlands, but internationally, they can't wait to watch the episodes. The 6-part series has been sold to no fewer than 25 countries (!).

This is what you can expect from the Máxima series

What happens behind the palace doors is of course a big secret. However, the makers of the Máxima series have made an attempt and through a mixture of facts and fiction, you can now follow the life story of Queen Máxima.

The drama series is based on it Autobiography book Motherland: Máxima Zorreguieta's Young YearsBy journalist Marcia Luyten. I researched Máxima's life and spoke to the Queen's acquaintances. The details may be romantic, but the story of the royal couple is a fairy tale in itself.
For the first time, we get a look behind the doors of the royal family, the love between her and King Willem-Alexander, Máxima's years in Buenos Aires and her career on Wall Street. The series goes back to how her life changed completely from the moment she met Willem-Alexander and how the press delved into her father's past.

Maxima Videoland Series: Location

To make it as realistic as possible, Queen Máxima's life story was recorded in Argentina, New York, Spain and the Netherlands. The chain can also cost something. In fact: it's the most expensive series Videoland has ever produced.

But with great success, because the series has already been sold to 25 international countries, including Germany, Belgium, Latin America, Croatia, Austria, Israel, Latvia, Slovakia, Italy and Hong Kong. And even more good news? The drama series was selected for the prestigious Canneseries Festival – the international television festival organized in Cannes.

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Maxima Videoland series: cast

I'm curious about the cast that can be seen in the Videoland series Maxima? The actors who will play Willem-Alexander and Máxima are Martin Lakmeier and Delfina Chavez. You may recognize Martijn as one of its main characters Winter of warUntil recently, Delfina was not a well-known name in the Netherlands. Just like Queen Máxima, she is Argentinian.

The roles of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus were played by Elsie de Brauw and Sebastian Koch. You may know Elsie from the movie Interim result And German actor Sebastian from the movie War Black book. Valeria Alonso and Daniel Freire take on the roles of Maxima's mother and father. Read about María del Carmen Cerruti Caricarte and Jorge Zorreguieta here.

Maxima Videoland series: Season 2

It is definitely a great success, because the second season of the Máxima series has already been confirmed. We are happy about that. In the first series, we see Máxima develop into a confident woman and eventually become Crown Princess – but the story continues. Máxima marries, becomes a mother, and also becomes queen. “These are all events that are seared in our collective memory and that we will see again in the future,” reveals RTL’s Program Director, Peter van der Vorst.

And don't panic, because the aforementioned cast will also be returning for series two. This time, Martine and Delfina no longer have to pretend to be in love – sparks ran between the actors after filming the first season.

When will the Máxima series appear on Videoland?

The first season of MaximaThe series can be watched on Videoland starting Saturday, April 20. And the already announced second season? There is no clarity on that yet. Only this filming will begin in October. So just wait a little longer.

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