February 28, 2024

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Farmers' protest in France: Prime Minister Attal promises to 'act quickly' |  outside

Farmers' protest in France: Prime Minister Attal promises to 'act quickly' | outside

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal promised farmers on Sunday to “move quickly” to calm the sector's anger. The Prime Minister had already promised a series of measures on Friday, but according to the unions, these were not enough, and so the protest among our southern neighbors continues as usual.

look. What are French farmers still up to?

The Prime Minister spoke on Sunday from a farm in western France, where he spoke freely with a number of farmers. They complained of declining income, complex management, abundant standards, or foreign competition.

“I want us to clarify things and see what additional measures we can take against this unfair competition,” Attal said. “It is not normal that you are not allowed to use certain products, while neighboring countries, Italy or others, are allowed to use them.”

The Prime Minister admitted that the first series of measures did not respond to malaise among French farmers. He added: “I am determined to move forward quickly and decisively.”

Siege of Paris

Two major farmer organizations are threatening to blockade Paris from Monday. According to the president of Jeunes Agriculturs (JA), the intention is to close strategic highways around Paris in seven places with tractors. Farmers from the south threatened to blockade the Rungis wholesale market. Security forces were already there on Sunday.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced that 15,000 police would be deployed on Monday to avoid problems surrounding the siege. He reiterated that they must exercise restraint. However, the intention is not for tractors to enter major cities, Rungis market or occupy airports.

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