February 27, 2024

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A German tourist (28) died in an avalanche in Austria  outside

A German tourist (28) died in an avalanche in Austria outside

Three German tourists were caught in an avalanche during a skiing trip in the mountains of Tyrol, Austria. A 28-year-old woman from Bavaria was killed.

look. A German tourist died in an avalanche on this Austrian mountain

The tourist traveled by bus from Innsbruck to the Kuhtai Ski Area on Saturday morning with her partner (26 years old) and his friend (32 years old). According to the Tyrolean police, they wanted to climb Mount Gaiskogel, a mountain at least 2,820 meters high. The three friends managed to reach the summit, but heavy snow made it difficult to descend the Alps. The avalanche warning level was moderate at the time.

When the wind blew one of the German woman's skis toward the steep east side, her partner decided to lift it. But then he was caught in an avalanche and was dragged 20-30 metres. He was able to save himself in the end.

The couple's friend chased them to help when he saw the 28-year-old woman caught in another avalanche. Despite immediate rescue measures after the accident, the young woman died instantly. Her partner and his friend were unharmed and were later transported by emergency helicopter.

This is not the first time skateboarders have been in trouble. A 54-year-old ski traveler from Austria found himself in a similar situation when he too was caught in an avalanche in the area. He died after being dragged about 400 meters across a rocky area and buried under snow.

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