February 27, 2024

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Ukrainian intelligence discovers arms fraud: nearly 37 million euros have disappeared |  outside

Ukrainian intelligence discovers arms fraud: nearly 37 million euros have disappeared | outside

to updateThe Ukrainian intelligence service SBU discovered a fraud case related to the purchase of weapons for the army. Officials from the Ministry of Defense and directors of arms supplier Lviv Arsenal stole nearly forty million dollars (about 37 million euros), according to the Security Service of Ukraine.

In August 2022, six months after the outbreak of war with Russia, the Ministry of Defense and Lviv Arsenal signed a contract for the supply of 100,000 mortar shells. Payment was made in advance and part of the funds were transferred to external accounts. However, the explosives were never delivered.

Five people are suspected of involvement, and one of them was arrested while trying to cross the Ukrainian border.

Corruption within the army is a very sensitive issue. The country is trying to keep morale high in wartime and wants to join the European Union. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov was dismissed last September due to various corruption issues within the ministry, but his name was not revealed. He said he was the victim of a smear campaign.

Moscow launches drone and missile attacks across Ukraine

As Kiev struggles with an arms scandal, Moscow has once again bombarded its neighbor with missile and drone attacks in northern, central and southern Ukraine. “Enemy drones attacked the regional center,” Zaporizhia’s military governor, Yuri Malashko, said on Telegram late Saturday night. He added that the infrastructure was bombed, but did not provide further details.

Officials also reported missile attacks in the Poltava region in central Ukraine. Military governor Philipp Pronin wrote that an industrial building in Kremenchuk was hit and a fire broke out. Authorities said efforts are underway to combat the fire. No information was available about potential victims.

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New attacks also occurred in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine, but no details were available about the extent of the damage.

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