July 20, 2024

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Fast food chain KFC apologizes for ‘Crystal Night Promotion’ on fried chicken |  Abroad

Fast food chain KFC apologizes for ‘Crystal Night Promotion’ on fried chicken | Abroad

Many Germans were shocked when fast food chain KFC invited them to celebrate Kristalnacht’s anniversary by ordering cheese-fried chicken. Meanwhile, KFC has apologized for the push notification sent via its app.

Wednesday marked the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when the Nazis burned, destroyed, and looted the homes of Jews. The event is seen as the beginning of the systematic persecution of the Jewish population in Europe. Kentucky Fried Chicken addressed its customers on Wednesday with a message: “Commemorate Kristallnacht – treat yourself to more soft cheese and crispy chicken. Now at KFCheese!”

About an hour later, I sent another message apologizing for the first one and blaming it on a “system error”. It was speculated that the message was computerized, with text promoting crispy chicken being automatically matched to birthdays and current events to boost sales.

The company did not explain how the message could be sent. In its correction, the company said: “We are very sorry, we will immediately check our internal processes so this does not happen again. Please excuse us for the error.”

Social media experts in Germany said they were surprised that the company did not have a monitoring mechanism to detect such egregious errors. The bug wasn’t noticed until they got feedback from customers. The German tabloid described the mistake as “tasteless” and said it was “a fast-food advertisement at the expense of memorializing the victims of the Nazi regime”.