May 28, 2024

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Favorite Wezet corrects the twisted situation in the final and wins the Belgian Cup for the first time

Favorite Wezet corrects the twisted situation in the final and wins the Belgian Cup for the first time



Wezet have already capped their excellent season with their first Belgian Cup. In the final the team faced the traditional Eupen club. Wezet had to chase for nearly 50 minutes, only to slam the battle-weary opponent to the canvas in the final stretch.

The Belgian Cup will go to Eupen or Wezet for the first time. Euben arrived in Hasselt as an outsider, while Wezet arrived as a favourite. The French-speaking team eliminated cup holders Bocholt in the semi-finals.

Being the favorite was no guarantee, as Eupen set the pace. Led by former international Bartosz Kedzora, the underdogs were rewarded with three goals. At the end of the first half, the traditional German-speaking club led 18-15.

At the beginning of the second half, Aubin continued to lead (21-16), but the red shirts' batteries ran out after that. Wezet took control with his wider heart.

Bellow came in and let his left do the talking. (former) internationals Brixhe and Devisch have also found their niche. Wezet corrected the imbalanced situation and won the Belgian Cup for the first time in the club's history.

Next month, Wezet could also win the BENE-League title. Defending champion Bocholt awaits in the final.

Eubin – bound

Majan: 30-34

Eupen puts the final score on the board with a beautiful goal.

1 minute left. The score was 29-33.

Kedziora about him

The barrel was finished at KTSV Eupen and Bartosz Kedziora. The battle-weary captain shoots the ball over Wisette's goal.


Eupen relents, with 3 minutes left on the clock.

Bellew with an amazing fast break

All is well for Yubin. Bellew makes it 27-32.


Magan with a strong goal for the underdog.


5 additional minutes. Wezet plays with six players.

Brix: 25-29

Wezet runs away from Eupen. Brixy scores an empty goal.

“Fight until we fall.”

During the Eupen timeout we hear “kämpfen bis wir umfallen”: Fight until we fall.

Wisette leads by three goals: 25-28

Bourget strikes again from 7 meters against Eupen, who has to handball six of them for two minutes. Damien Kedzora was awarded a two-minute penalty.

Suddenly Wisette finds himself two goals ahead, can Eubin hit back?

Devish: 25-27

Did Yubin squeak? Julian Devish makes it 25-27.

Wisette leads: 25-26

Favorite Wezet takes the lead with a penalty kick. Bourget hits the mark.

On the other hand, the Blazers goalkeeper prevents Eupen from scoring the equalizer.

Bellow: 24-24

Vincent leaves Bello to his left to do the talking and brings Wezet alongside him.

Some nice lob from Kedziora

Kedziora with the lob!

Damian Kedzora bravely scores from 7 metres. He beats the Wezet goalkeeper with a volley.

Score: 24-23.