December 1, 2023

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Live broadcast: Ajax – Feyenoord (2 pm).  New riots coming?  Hardcore club Ajax calls for a gathering at the stadium: “The first step has been taken” |  Foreign football

Live broadcast: Ajax – Feyenoord (2 pm). New riots coming? Hardcore club Ajax calls for a gathering at the stadium: “The first step has been taken” | Foreign football


Hardcore club Ajax invites people to gather at the stadium

Clear message. F-Side, part of the hard core of Ajax, is calling on people to gather at the Johan Cruyff Arena at 1pm, an hour before the resumption of the match against Feyenoord.

The letter states that fans want to see the entire Ajax board leave. The name of former coach Sven Mislintat, who was fired on Sunday, already contains a check mark. Others get a bell next to their name. She added, “The first step was taken last Sunday. We will continue working in any arrangement.” Will there be new disturbances in Amsterdam this afternoon?

The message from the hard core of Ajax. © Facebook


No kickoff

When referee Serdar Jozubuyuk finally stopped the game after 54 minutes and 55 seconds on Sunday for throwing fireworks onto the pitch for a second time, Mats Wever took possession of the ball about ten meters from the midfield at the center of the pitch. So the match there starts with a referee’s ball for Feyenoord, who can attack immediately in Ajax’s half.

Obviously the clock starts at 54.55. The official playing time is 35 minutes and 5 seconds on Wednesday. In addition, there will be stoppage time, including any delay in the first 9 minutes and 55 seconds of the second half.

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The same 22 players at the start

The same 22 players who were on the field when the game was finally stopped on Sunday will start the game again. Ajax full-backs Anton Gueye and Borna Sosa are no longer allowed to participate because they were replaced early by coach Maurice Stein, who could bring in three more new players in the remainder of the term.

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In principle, Ajax plays Gorter; Rench, Sutalo, Hato, Saladin; van den Bomen, Taylor, Voss; Berghuis, Broby, and Forbes. Feyenoord starts with Wellenreuther, just as it did on Sunday; Gertruida, Trauner, Hanko, Hartmann; Weaver, Stings, Timber; Minte, Jiménez and Baixao. Coach Arne Slot could still change five times.

Players injured before Wednesday afternoon may be replaced. But simulating injury for tactical reasons is not the goal. A sports doctor from the KNVB checks whether someone is already injured.

2:39 pm

Ajax and FC Volendam have dropped their complaints

Ajax and FC Volendam initially considered taking legal action against the Dutch Football Association, because it scheduled the remaining minutes of the canceled classic on the day Ajax was scheduled to play against Volendam. aJax wanted to move the remainder of El Clásico to November, but Feyenoord was against it. FC Volendam also joined the discussion. “This is unfair competition,” board chairman Jan Smit wrote. However, the Dutch FA’s decision was final and could only be appealed through the courts. Therefore, the parties concerned will refrain from doing so.

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