December 6, 2023

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FIA summons Red Bull and two F1 teams after protest –

FIA summons Red Bull and two F1 teams after protest –

About two weeks after the US GP, the Haas F1 team submitted what it called a ‘write of review’. It wants the race’s result to be reviewed and, in particular, to impose additional penalties for violating track limits. In addition to the Haas F1 team, Red Bull, Aston Martin and Williams are also expected to report.

The Haas F1 Team wants to make up the positions and corresponding points with additional penalties. Both Williams drivers finished within five seconds of Nico Hulkenberg. Nico Hulkenberg and the Haas F1 team could benefit if Alex Alphonse or Logan Sargent, who were already on trial, receive a time penalty.

At Aston Martin the focus seems to be on Lance Stroll as he was the only one to finish in the points. Red Bull should be willing to listen, but it’s all about Sergio Perez. The Mexican reportedly overstepped the track limits at Turn 6 more than twenty times. If Perez receives different time penalties for this, it remains to be seen where he will ultimately be classified.

The hearing will be held on Wednesday. The Haas F1 team must convince the stewards that it has new and important evidence. If this is not possible, the case will not be processed further and the so-called ‘right of review’ will be rejected.

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