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[film] drive my car –

[film] drive my car –

driving my car It is a beautiful Japanese psychological drama about loss and grief.

driving my car It is about the ups and downs of actor and stage director Yosuko Kafuku (Hidetoshi Nishijima). He was given a director’s job for two months in Hiroshima. Young Misaki (Toko Myoza) transports the exit in his red Saab car. Both characters struggle with unresolved trauma. Among us we see scenes from the rehearsals of Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov.

This is basically the story of the movie driving my car by Risuki Hamaguchi. The film’s script is based on a short story by Haruki Murakami. The epic movie is also three hours long. driving my car Sounds like a simple story, but it’s actually complex and unexpectedly heartbreaking. The brilliant start that illuminates the theatrical director’s married life is both exciting and disturbing. The death of Ryûsuke’s wife is horrific and hangs like a dark cloud over the rest of the film. Rika Kirishima makes an unforgettable impression as Otto.

Then the action jumps out two years later and turns into a road movie. Alternately we see the scenes of Ryûsuke and his driver, their friendship deepening, and preparations for Uncle Vanya’s play. The theater troupe is beautifully depicted with a lot of humor in it. Despite the heavy subject, driving my car It’s almost as light as a feather. There is a lot of sadness, but the movie is fun to watch. Despite the length of the film, there are no empty words in it. The way he uses silence is a revelation. Filmmakers are terrified of moments of quiet, but they are so necessary. Movies are very crowded these days so this movie is an oasis of calm.

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Body language is very important, as is the space a director creates. It’s the space that clever staging made. It’s also a space for the viewer to process it all. In these respects, the film reminds us of Ozo’s great work. The actors are wonderful without exception. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi conquered the world with his skill driving my car

driving my car (September movie) is now in cinemas.

Ulric van Tongren

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