February 27, 2024

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will keep you busy for 100 hours

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will keep you busy for 100 hours

It was already confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth would be much bigger than its predecessor. How much bigger? Thanks to a new preview from Game Informer, we now have an idea. According to the outlet, the new game is huge.

Game Informer wrote that the main story will take about 40 hours. If you add up all the side quests, mini-games, and other extras, you can easily spend 100 hours in the game. So there’s a lot to do in the latest Square Enix release.

By the way, the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has no loading times at all. This way you can traverse the environments without interruption. Of course, the in-game map is divided into different areas to keep things organized, but you can move around the world freely.

It’s great that the game includes some completely new locations, such as the village of Crow’s Nest, which serves as a hub for side quests. As in the original game, the relationship system returns in Rebirth. It will be part of countless side quests. For example, Cloud is often accompanied by a certain character during missions, strengthening the relationship between them.

Aside from the side quests, there are plenty of mini-games, such as a card game, playing the piano, and all the attractions of The Gold Saucer amusement park. Read more? Then be sure to checkout Full text.

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