November 30, 2023

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Finally: after 9 years, you can now also shop from this famous beauty brand in Belgium.  “Blush is my favorite ever” |  Nina

Finally: after 9 years, you can now also shop from this famous beauty brand in Belgium. “Blush is my favorite ever” | Nina

In the past, you had to go to New York, but last year you could also go to London. We’re talking, of course, about Glossier: the iconic beauty brand that was barely available for a long time, and from now on you can also shop from the comfort of your couch.

Since the brand launched in 2014, international shipping has become one of their most popular orders. It took nine years, but yesterday the virtual doors of Online store Finally open to us.

What makes Glossier so popular? Beautiful packaging and clever marketing. But they were also one of the first to combine skincare with makeup. Gentle formulas that focus on making skin shiny rather than clogged. Their slogan is not in vainSkin first. Makeup second. Always smiled.’

Although it helps that founder Emily Weiss is also the woman behind the hugely popular beauty platform In the shineThus it has truly inspired the entire beauty community.

Shopping yourself? Our beauty editor has tested and approved these products

1. Cloud paint: “This lightweight cream blush is my absolute favorite for everyday use. I have it in Dusk and my tube is almost at the end of my tube. Fortunately, I don’t have to book a return ticket to New York to get a new version. I use it on my cheeks and also on the eyes or lips to create a look Refreshing and natural.”

Cloud paint. © Glossier

2. Boy eyebrow: “Celebrities swear by it and so do I. This multi-functional product takes care of your brows and keeps them looking perfect all day long.

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3. Balsam Dotcom: “I have a soft spot for tinted lip balms. I find them much easier than lipsticks, because you can simply apply finishing touches to them.” quickly And he always feels comfortable. These balms also have the most amazing scents. I personally have it in three types. But there is always room for more.”

Click. Here you will find the products in the web store

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