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“Oh boy!”: This guy is the official voice of Mickey Mouse |  Showbiz

“Oh boy!”: This guy is the official voice of Mickey Mouse | Showbiz

ShowbizMonday, October 16, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, and it promises to be a special day for Brett Ewan. The 41-year-old American is the official voice of Mickey Mouse, the mascot of the world-famous film studio. Surprisingly, he is only the fourth person in a century who can call himself that.

Since 2009, Brett Ewan has lent his voice to Mickey Mouse. You hear it not only in animated films and series featuring the world-famous mouse, but also in video games, toys, and Disney parks. Anyone who has visited Disneyland Paris has surely heard his voice during a show or display. And Brett is very proud of it, as he shares many photos of himself with Mikey on his Instagram account.

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To become the voice of Mickey, Brett simply auditioned after Disney was looking for a replacement for Wayne Alwyn, the previous voice of Mickey. After a telephone audition, the American was invited to audition at a recording studio in Los Angeles. Nerves were running through his body, but the bosses were still very excited. After the second test, Brett was also appointed.

Brett took over Mickey’s voice work from Wayne Alwyn, who died of heart failure at the age of 62. Just days after Brett auditioned for the first time. Nice detail: Wayne was married to Russi Taylor, the woman who gave her voice to Minnie Mouse. But the first voice of Mickey was none other than Walt Disney himself, the godfather of the mouse. However, he passed the torch to Jimmy MacDonald after nearly twenty years due to time constraints. In principle, you will remain Mickey’s voice until you retire or die, which is on average about thirty years. So Brett still has a few years left.

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He was also recently a guest at Disneyland Paris, where he posed for a photo with Mickey Mouse. See the beautiful photos here:

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The iconic Disneyland Hotel will reopen on January 25 after a “royal” makeover.

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