June 10, 2023

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Only for superheroes? I do not think so. This eye-catching garment is trend | Fashion beauty

Modeland has a new queen of trends, and you can take that literally. On the coronation British Prince—now “God Save the King”—Charles discovered a fashionable gadget: the cape. It looks pretty and elegant, yet wearable and comfortable. And no, it is in no way intended for superheroes – or members of the royal family.

This past Saturday, Charles’ coronation attracted many beautiful people. Princesses like Kate Middleton itself To First Lady Jill Biden’s granddaughter: They were all there when Britain’s mighty crown was ceremonially placed on Charles’ head.

The British elite may be known for their differences of opinion, but on this special day they all agreed on one thing: the cape was worn communally at the ceremony. For example, Kate Middleton appeared in a royal blue gown that reached to the floor. Her daughter, Charlotte, wore white. Mordon is seen in a teal cape dress.

Princess Kate Middleton and her daughter Charlotte left, Penny Mordon right. © Getty Images

Queen Mathilde also wore a gorgeous pink gown.

Finnegan Biden's granddaughter and First Lady Jill Biden left and King Philip and Queen Mathilde right.
Finnegan Biden’s granddaughter and First Lady Jill Biden left and King Philip and Queen Mathilde right. © Getty Images

But who would think the trend is only continuing the Royal family It can be worn wrong. At last week’s Met Gala—which is a high-profile day for a different kind of elite—the head was also well represented. Just think of the red and blue outfit of Kardashian descendant Kylie Jenner, singer Rihanna’s 500-petal cape or the mint green worn by actress Glenn Close.

Getty Images
© Getty Images

Rihanna at the Met Gala last week.
Rihanna at the Met Gala last week. © Film Magic

Celebrities first, then royals, soon us too? If you ask us – and fast-fashion chains – we do. Capes provide an elegant alternative to a scarf or tunic and add a touch of sophistication to your dress. So every moment can be a wonderful moment.

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pass. These gorgeous capes make you feel like royalty or celebrity

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