October 7, 2022

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Firefox gaat het onbeperkt aanmaken van e-mailaliassen mogelijk maken

Firefox will allow you to create an unlimited number of email aliases


This is in one general control panel where you can use all Firefox email aliases by logging in once.

In fact, email is an ancient way of communicating. It has been around for as long as the Internet itself. But we still use it a lot. Mozilla launch fire fox Relay instead as a free product. This allows you to use five email aliases and use them whenever you need to register online for any account. The organization has now introduced a paid Premium tier, which gives you access to more aliases. Don’t worry, it won’t cost much.

Firefox Unlimited Email Aliases

It’s now available for an introductory $1. The price will be the same in euros with us in the Netherlands. You get your own subdomain (yourdomain.mozmail.com) when you sign up. And you can use an unlimited number Email messages Increases. It also gives you access to a summary dashboard for the email addresses you create, the ability to use aliases when replying to messages, and 150KB of storage.

After subscribing to rotation Or you are logged in with your Firefox account, you can create an alias even in another browser like Chrome or on your mobile phone. However, if you are using Firefox and have the Relay extension installed, a Relay icon will appear in the input field whenever you visit a website that requests an email address. The service forwards messages you receive under your alias to your primary email account. Which is of course very useful.

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really need?

Yes! Seemingly. In the announcement, Mozilla said it decided to offer the paid option because many beta testers want more than just five aliases. It didn’t say how much the Premium plan would cost in the future, but it does offer the tier at an introductory price of $1/€1 per month for a limited time. Currently, the option is only available in Canada, US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.