March 4, 2024

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'First goal against him is a defensive foul': Thibaut Courtois storms into the dressing room almost immediately in frustration, but reacts |  Red Devils

‘First goal against him is a defensive foul’: Thibaut Courtois storms into the dressing room almost immediately in frustration, but reacts | Red Devils

The bunker was allowed to feel his disappointment. His “queen” in the stands did not get a heart or a fleeting kiss after the final whistle. He shook his head, Thibaut Courtois (30 years old) disappeared immediately after World Cup defeat to Morocco Right in the catacombs. Angry at himself, angry at defeat. “I myself haven’t kept 100 percent.”

The letter “E” appeared in a red circle after his name. Code used by stats providers for “error leads to target”. An error leads to a goal. Their opening books to Abdel Hima Sabry missed Courtois.

He also struggled with that himself, but that’s an analysis for later.

At Doha’s Al Thumama Stadium, it could all be stolen on Sunday, around six o’clock local time. Shaking hands and chatting nicely with the Moroccans, Courtois clearly didn’t feel like it. The winner preferred to handle the bitter disappointment himself. Look for the Thunder and go right in at the final whistle. On the way, he hit one of the dugouts with his right fist. All its frustrations.

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An image that subconsciously triggered memories of that agonizing summer night in Lille, Wales-Belgium (3-1) at the 2016 European Championships. Then Courtois, on his way to the dressing room, also cooled his disappointment over something. Wild kick on a keg of booze. He once said, “If you are not disappointed at that point, something is wrong.”

Against Vincent Kompany’s orders, Courtois then gave Marc Wilmots a trial, but on Sunday he did not call man nor horse. He took some responsibility for the goal vs. In the studio of the rights holders of this World Cup and later also in the mixed region. He talks about profit. He speaks at a loss. He speaks when others make a mistake. He speaks even if he doesn’t get away with it.

Thibaut Courtois.

Thibaut Courtois. © Photo News

He also knew he had something to explain. Twice in 90 minutes, the Moroccans opted to take a powerful, swinging free kick towards the near post. He was beaten twice. It wouldn’t be a coincidence. The VAR jumped in at the start.

Courtois: “I had a feeling Ziyech was going to kick there. But I wasn’t sure what that player would do next. Luckily, that goal was disallowed. We’re on the same page at that point. And the boys come in freely.”

With the second entry was cash.

“It all starts with a mistake we shouldn’t make,” Courtois said. “This boy is standing with his back to the goal, in a corner.” It was Thomas Meunier who made the mistake.

Then Ziyech and Sabri stood behind the ball. With his wall arrangement he seemed to willingly expect a kick from the first. But it was the second that surprised him.

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Courtois: “They push our line too high. If the ball goes through, it’s fatal for the keeper and frustrating. We have our conventions during stagnation. In the first zone the ball should never go through. That’s for the defenders. It has nothing to do with the man on the post. As a keeper , leaves the first area open – which is also the case with Real. The player must kick the ball or head it away from there. Don’t just stand and watch – we don’t do anything. It shouldn’t happen twice. Even if you admit it’s not being kept 100 percent. We will analyze this stage in more detail. Stupid goal. “

To which Courtois admitted that the defeat came with difficulty .. “Maybe it was the right time. A signal to be more ourselves. We play very dirty. With a lot of fear. We create little. We still have one choice: to beat Croatia on Thursday.”

You can be sure that an aspiring goalkeeper wants to prove himself. First, his Queen, Michelle, can help him get over the disappointment on Family Day.

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