June 14, 2024

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World Cup podcast: "Martinez created this atmosphere at the Red Devils by pampering the stars" |  FIFA World Cup 2022

World Cup podcast: “Martinez created this atmosphere at the Red Devils by pampering the stars” | FIFA World Cup 2022

The match against Morocco gave every Belgian a hangover. Did Steve Winants and Philip Goss sleep peacefully? “I don’t,” Joos shares. “But that was due to a strong espresso.” His colleague succeeded with the help of beer.

According to Wijnants, the result was somewhat “expected”. It is unfortunate for a humble team like Morocco. “I’m happy for everyone who has a warm heart for the country, but it’s ‘only Morocco,'” Joos shares. “They go out in the 1/8 finals.”

Search for a reason for the mass collapse then.

“A climate has been created in which we find it not strange that an unbeatable goalkeeper can take the same free kick twice, and in which a midfielder who sees everything plays football with flash,” said Goss. “That says it all.”

“This climate comes from coddling. The signal you give by putting Eden Hazard is toxic to your squad. In every team sport in the world it’s about how fair you are. And if you’re being honest, you can’t put Hazard.”

Wijnants picks up on his fellow commenter’s analysis: “I wonder if that feeling is alive on set.” Don’t put our captain down, because we can’t win then. “Is that what Vertonghen means?”

“No,” Josh says. “I think Vertonghen is talking about De Bruyne’s quote. But Vertonghen has to realize that he can’t say ‘I must shut up, or else…’ twice. We commend him for that, because a good listener has half a word needed. The second time around that you’re thinking of: say it.”