December 7, 2022

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Flemish masterpieces from the Hutts collection are moving to America

Flemish masterpieces from the Hutts collection are moving to America

The Denver Art Museum compliments the exhibit with this image on its website. © Phoebus Foundation / Denver Art Museum

About 140 Flemish masterpieces, some of which have never been shown in Belgium or the United States, can be admired starting Sunday at the Denver Art Museum. An achievement made possible by The Phoebus Foundation, which began as the private collection of Fernand and Karine Hutts.

Source: Belga

“The works are spread across six themes,” explains Niels Schally, project coordinator at The Phoebus Foundation. “They present a collection of three hundred years of Flemish art and culture.” The venue of the event is Denver, the capital of Colorado and also known as The Mile High City. The city is located east of the Rocky Mountains.

For many works of art it is a journey of 8,000 kilometers, a challenging logistical process, the details of which are not known for security reasons. “The biggest work of art is two meters four, the smallest fits in the palm of your hand,” said Shali, who is fully involved in the production in the US.


Exhibition Saints, Sinners, Lovers and Fools: 300 Years of Flemish Masterworks On display till January 2023. According to the Denver Art Museum, it is a “unique presentation of medieval art.” There are Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculptures from the Southern Netherlands.

The well-known Denver Art Museum can open for a few months with works that “depict a rapidly changing time through unique styles, subjects and techniques.” The exhibition includes works by Hans Memling, Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordans and Anton van Dyck. Their paintings should allow the viewer to “draw parallels with today’s world”.

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