December 1, 2022

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Florida judge breaks US national mouth mask requirement

In the United States, a Florida judge has successfully recalled the need for a federal mask on airplanes and public transportation. No longer are airlines and local governments authorized to decide whether or not to wear a passenger mask. As a result, travelers crossing the United States run the risk of becoming entangled in the rules.

Florida Federal Judge Katherine Kimball Michel has succeeded in dismantling President Joe Biden’s national mask duty. Michelle, appointed by Donald Trump in 2020, ruled that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) could not present sufficient arguments to justify its responsibility.

Proper procedures were not followed when creating the mouth mask duty, for example, the CDC misused “Good cause exception” Have entered. The CDC was allowed to ignore the complaints of some citizens against their decision because it violated the emergency law in the event of an outbreak.

“Disappointing results”

With this, Michelle has put an end to a spearhead in the Govt policy of the Biden administration. In the United States – where the whole The corona crisis was strongly politicized – Mouth mask duty is a very hot political issue. Opposition to the masks grew, largely from Republican circles, as they were seen as undermining individual liberties.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the decision was “very disappointing”. “The CDC continues to recommend the wearing of masks on public transport.” The Centers for Disease Control recently extended the national mask requirement until May 3, giving the research center more time to study the effects of the PA2omicron subtype of the corona virus that now dominates the United States.

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The aviation sector jumps into the air

The Department of Aviation has already responded enthusiastically to end the mouth mask duty. Staff continued to confront aggressive passengers who continued to oppose the masks. In many cases, this means that some flights have been canceled, or passengers have to leave the plane before departure The plane returned To unload the rebel passenger from the plane.

That’s why airlines have long been annoyed about this obligation, as it is not mandatory to wear a mask at indoor events in most states. United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines all jumped at the news and immediately announced that mouth masks were no longer mandatory on board. However, the companies claim that they respect the wishes of anyone who wants to wear the mask.

Not without a mask everywhere

However, the removal of the National Mouth Mask duty does not mean that mouth masks can go to the trash everywhere in the United States. States and cities still decide independently whether or not to use mouth masks in public places. For example, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has already made it clear that mouth masks will still be mandatory. It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose at airports around the city.

This has pushed the United States into the same situation as Belgium. Like Belgium, the United States is a federal state. When the epidemic emergency in our country came to an end, all federal corona rules fell through.

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The Advisory Council has occasionally agreed to use the mouth mask requirement in public transport and health care, but in principle the law is primarily in the hands of federal states and local authorities. Thus conducted Molenbeek Municipality Last week introduced the common mouth mask duty on busy, public places for everyone over the age of 12.