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“For 10,000 euros you can already buy a nice and well-equipped bathroom”: what can you count on in this budget?  |  MijnGuide

“For 10,000 euros you can already buy a nice and well-equipped bathroom”: what can you count on in this budget? | MijnGuide

LiviusThe price of a bathroom can increase very quickly, for example if you choose solid wood designer furniture, a shower with side sprays, … but how much can you get on a budget of 10,000 euros? How to choose a bathroom that does not compromise living and living comfort? Livios Builder site asked Valerie Carette, the Van Marcke expert.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Livios

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Let us tell you right away: for 10,000 euros you can definitely buy a bathroom with sufficient user comfort today (albeit without taking into account the installation, unless the bathroom is very small). It’s about smart savings on some things. And certainly not in some other cases.

Small bathroom (eh)? Optimize your space These five helpful tips.

What do you get for 10,000 euros?

“Okay, let me go back to the question,” laughs Valerie Carrett. “It also depends on what you want in your bathroom. Just a shower, just a bathtub, or both? Do you want a toilet or not? Do you prefer standard furniture or do you prefer customization? In short: you can make the bathroom as expensive as you like.”

Bath or shower? or both?
Here are the pros and cons of these options.

But it is said: “For 10,000 euros you can already buy a beautiful, well-equipped bathroom with bathtub, separate shower cubicle of 120 or 140 cm in size, suspended toilet with double flush and bathroom furniture 120 cm wide with two basins, mirror cabinet and vertical cabinet with drawers.”

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“The shower cubicle is then equipped with a large overhead sprayer, but also a normal hand sprayer. The faucet is of course thermostatic. You also have accessories, such as a shelf to place shower gel and shampoo. As a shower, you choose a built-in model in acrylic, again with a thermostatic faucet, a rod, maybe even bathing area.

Buy bathroom furniture: It is better to take this into account in terms of dimensions and materials.

What do you save (better not)?

“Today, it is better to choose durable and easy-to-maintain materials, whether for faucets or bathroom furniture. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose more expensive solid wood. Do you want long-lasting and easy-to-maintain furniture? Then feel free to go with melamine. Make sure the hinges are Doors and door switches are of good brands.”

Which faucet is better to choose? “Definitely water-saving faucets: this is a must-have, both for the planet and for your wallet. Just like a toilet with a large and small flow. Anyway, these products are usually not very expensive.”

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“What can you save on? Finishing on the taps. Chrome is certainly possible, because it’s still cheaper. But with a budget of 10,000 euros, you can also opt for taps in trendy black.”

In the end, you will mainly save in the end: “With materials that are not inferior in quality, but simply cheaper. In addition, you go not so much for design, but for high-quality brands. And no custom furniture, but rather standard sizes. For the bathroom choose a built-in model. Will be installed The taps are on the wall, because that’s also less expensive.”

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attention: slippery floors, high temperatures, a degree to take a bath or shower, … The bathroom presents a number of obstacles for every resident, young and old. And that while everyone is often present at least twice a day. By using these tips, you’ll keep it safe and practical.

Don’t you sacrifice comfort?

Our 10,000 euro bathroom is definitely easy to maintain. But won’t you lose comfort in other areas? “Not really,” Karette says. “With this budget, you can still enjoy the ease of use that is essential everywhere in the bathroom. From the shower or bath, where the thermostatic faucet quickly gets to the right temperature, to furniture that you can safely open and close 50 times a day and that you can easily maintain.” Of paramount importance is that you maintain the bathroom properly, of course.”

From the faucets to the hinges: this way you keep your shower perfectly clean and avoid costs in the long run

Many sizes, shapes and materials are available: which basin to choose for your bathroom?

Make smart choices for optimal comfort: this is how you organize your bathroom optimally

This article was written by our partner Livios.be, an expert site focused on construction and renovation.

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