March 2, 2024

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Staatssecretaris Eva De Bleeker kondigt upgrade van Car-Pass aan

Foreign Minister Eva de Bleecker announced the promotion of a laissez-passer …

Photo: Paul de Wilde Corellio

Eva de Bleecker (Open VLD), Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, announced on Tuesday Michele Bellmann, CEO of Car-Pass, the extension of Car-Pass at the second-hand Eurostar 2000 garage in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Thus, the updated Car-Pass will be able to better respond to the changing fleet and keep more information up-to-date. The bill should be completed by the end of 2021, early 2022.

In the future, Car-Pass will also specifically identify which engine is in the car, so that the consumer will know if they are dealing with a hybrid, electric or classic. In addition, maintenance history can also be kept online. Finally, the Secretary of State also wants to be able to keep anonymous data from Car-Pass in order to learn more about used cars and the market around them.

“We want to make Car-Pass future-proof,” says Foreign Minister de Bleecker: “Car-Pass is a tool for consumers who want to buy a used Belgian car with complete confidence. In order to continue to protect consumers optimally, we will adapt the The passage of cars with the reality of today and tomorrow.”

The annual report of Car-Pass showed that the market for used materials has increased by about 4.5 percent, compared to the situation before Corona. The economic uncertainty of the Corona crisis plays a major role in this. The biggest reason not to buy a new car appears to be connectivity issues with those new cars, due to the lack of semiconductors, followed by a reluctance to invest in expensive hybrid or electric vehicles.

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Due to the growth in the demand for used cars, the import of used cars has also increased. Other European countries, such as Germany, many of which are imported, do not have a car pass. Therefore, Foreign Minister de Bleecker asked the European Commission to introduce Car-Pass throughout Europe.

Michel Bellmann, CEO of Car-Pass confirms: “Due to the increasing number of imported used cars, there is an urgent need for European legislation based on the Belgian model.” De Bleecker: The question now lies with the Directorate General of Transport, which is responsible for European mobility policy. We hope the European Commission will follow up on our request.”