June 2, 2023

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Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz is once again in the eye of the storm after a new revelation in a corruption case outside

Sebastian Kurz, the former chancellor of Austria, is once again in the eye of the storm, as part of the corruption investigation against him. New revelations emerged, which the 36-year-old politician called “fabrication” on Friday.

On Thursday, a home was searched at the Vienna headquarters of the tabloid newspaper “Heyot”. The home search followed remarks by former Finance Minister Thomas Schmid. He testified that Kurz was aware of the use of government funds between 2016 and 2018 to boost his popularity. It is said that many newspapers ran glowing articles or false polls in exchange for government advertisements.

Schmid was a supporter of Kurz at the time, but he is also a suspect in the investigation and hopes to obtain a reduced sentence by cooperating with the court. Schmid’s remarks surfaced in the Austrian press. Both Kurtz and Hewitt’s publisher vehemently denied it.

Nine suspects

In addition, it is also suspected that the former Austrian chancellor lied to a parliamentary committee about the appointment of Thomas Schmid as head of a state holding company.
In all, nine people are suspected, confirms the prosecutor’s office that deals with the fight against corruption.

Ibiza Gate

Investigations is an offshoot of “Ibizagate”. This scandal dates back to 2019, when FPÖ party leader Strache was caught on a hidden camera in Ibiza talking to a woman posing as close relatives of the Russian oligarch. Strache seemed willing to give government projects in exchange for campaign support. The scandal led to the downfall of the Austrian government.

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