December 6, 2022

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Former journalist Terry Verbist dies at 66

Former journalist Terry Verbist dies at 66

Thierry Verbiest, the first editor-in-chief of the Brussels TV channel, died Thursday evening at the age of 66. That Brussels News site reports prominence Friday.

Terry Verbest swam across many bodies of water. In the world of media alone, he’s gone through almost every home. As a journalist contributes to it panorama And On the table on VRT. At VTM he was editor-in-chief and presenter Telecommunications† For VT4 was previously an Information Manager and Presenter without leaving a trace† Woestijnvis was editor-in-chief of the magazine Bonanzathe weekly that you compete with humor Had to go but did not last a year

to Bonanza And for VT4, Verbist got his strips at VTM and TV Brussel. After starting out as a journalist at the then-BRT, he witnessed the start of the VTM news service as Editor-in-Chief Jan Schudz’s right-hand man. He was allowed to do so again as editor-in-chief of TV Brussel magazine. Verbiest started the Dutch language regional station in the capital in 1993 and stayed there for two years. Then he switched to VT4, known today as Play4.

Some remember Verbiest mainly from Radio 1 free west, which he presented on Radio 1 in the early 1990s with Gerté de Ciolliner. In 2017, he was admitted to the same channel in anime gang He has his best memories of that period. He knew more. He said, for example, that he completely read the literary passages from the much-loved column “Dialogue with World Literature” sucked his thumb

After his media career, Verbist began working as communications director for politicians Els Van Weert (Spirit) and Jurgen Verstrepen (Lijst De Decker). He was also interested in communicating with Alfacam and the SK Lierse football team.

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Terry Verbiest was taken to the hospital for a few months after the surgery. He said he couldn’t get over it prominence