February 28, 2024

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Former seducer of Temptation Island Fabrizio has a new secret love |  Ltd

Former seducer of Temptation Island Fabrizio has a new secret love | Ltd

Ltd“The Bachelor” and former “Temptation Island” seducer Fabrizio Tzenaridis (31) is happy in love again. He's sharing the news himself on Instagram, though he's staying tight-lipped about the woman who captured his heart.

In an Instagram post, Fabrizio fully accepts his new love, albeit unrecognizable. He doesn't want to reveal the identity of his new flame. After participating in 'Temptation Island', 'The Bachelor' and 'Dancing with the Stars', Fabrizio has always been open about his love life. Last year, he willingly posed for photos with his then-girlfriend Sunny. But that's all in the past now, it seems. Much to the dismay of his fans.

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Some followers on Instagram don't understand why Fabrizio is so secretive. It goes something like this: “If you're happy with someone, you shouldn't hide it with just a suspense story.” But on his Instagram story, Fabrizio continued to insist. “My son is also close to me, whom I care very much about, whom I love very much, and whom I am very proud of, but I also don't show him. I will show him. Admittedly, he is unrecognizable. And for his safety as well. But this is no one's business but me, brother!

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“It's so cool,” he continues. “I want nothing more than to show her to the outside world and show what an amazing woman she is. But again: This is no one's business but my brother. But maybe you'll meet us on the street one day and you can admire her as much as you want, but for now I don't feel the need to do that. “And also out of respect for her privacy and mine.”

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