June 20, 2024

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Nieuwe single BLOND - "Boys Boys"

Nieuwe single BLOND – “Boys Boys”

Dutch-speaking girl group BLOND made itself heard for the first time not too long ago. Before that, Fien, Linde and Caitlin met each other in the drama department of the Conservatory in Antwerp and shared one common passion: music. After some experimenting with synths in a home-made studio, they decide to join forces. In May they released their first single “Everything has to be biggerFrom. A catchy pop song with a rather dark side. Their carefully chosen lyrics and critical outlook on society made us yearn for more. Our pleas seem to have been heard, for today’s “boys, boys, boys” see the light of day.

BLOND’s new song is basically a protest against men. Especially those who go to work in a suit during the day, but show their true nature at night. Guys whose characters are based only on inappropriate jokes, noises, and shirts from expensive brands. The song starts off very softly with a few electronic vocals and a flawless sound, but nothing could be further from the truth, because after listening for a while, the sky seems to open to us. We are immersed in a bath of enchanting and pioneering sounds. The particularly melodramatic lyrics make this song a complete second song. The song is unique on one hand, but also what we expect from BLOND on the other hand. We’re already interested in what the musical trio has in store for us.

On Friday October 8, BLOND will be at Trix Antwerp.

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